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Nearly 300 people were sprinted @ the African Community Centers’s Mbongi in Atlanta. It was wonderful! Sprints are great for quick starts. Unfortunately, most real relationships aren’t sprints. They are long distance runs. Family is a long distance run. Marriage (monogamous or polygamous) is a long distance run. Organization and business building is a long distance run. On Saturday, we will be building capacity and skill to succeed in these long distance runs. It takes preparation, practice and skill for long distance relationship success - be it family, community or intimate. On Saturday, Sept. 15th 2012 we’ll host a 12- hour 10am-10pm Feel-the-Flow of Success Marathon. These tools come from the 3-day retreat - Healing Oppression’s Wounds.Space is limited and these prices are unheard of, and they won’t last long! 
Feel The Flow of Success - 12 Hour Marathon Fall Special September 15, 2012 10-10 am-pm
An Excerpt from our 3-day Healing Oppression’s Wounds Workshop
Healing and Recovery, Relationships - Family and Intimate Personal Growth & Empowerment
 Normally $249.00
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 Only  $149.00
Because love is more than a game. This one-day adult relationship workshop combines the genius of Sheila Moss-Brown’s dynamic board game -  Authenticity with AYA’s heralded communications process: Emotional Literacy and Authenticity, Balance & Recipriocity to create a powerful one-day workshop that’s fresh, fun and destined to take your relationship to the next level. Roll the dice, ask the provocative question, and it’s on! It’s AYA, so it will help you navigate oppression’s wounds that can blow up a great relationship.
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